St. Gotthard: Heart of the Alps in the center of Europe


The idea of Alpine Arena for Friendship was born in the St.Gotthard region of the Swiss Alps.

Historically being an important mountain pass connecting North and South of Europe, St.Gotthard symbolizes itself a significant bridge of communication between different people and different communities. In the modern globalized world and the complex geopolitical situation, such symbols of connection can play a significant role in constructing dialogue between people of divers cultures and diveres mentalities.

The idea of Alpine Arena for Friendship is shared not only by local St.Gotthard representatives but also by a vast number of international people who are thinking about the improvement of intercultural and human dialogue.

The Association Alpine Arena for Friendship is promoting this spirit by organizing and participating in different kinds of cultural, sportive and scientific events, which could serve as a platform of communication for international thinkers, politicians, business people and experts.