St. Gotthard: Heart of the Alps in the center of Europe


The Alpine Arena for Friendship representatives presented the St.Gotthard region at the International Investment Forum in Sochi (Russia)

The International Investment Forum in Sochi is recognized as an efficient platform for the regions’ projects promotion. The participants at the Forum are the authorities of the main Russian regions, Russian and international investors and experts.The St.Gotthard region presentation attracted interest of many participants.

The meeting with the representatives of Krasnodar/Sochi region’s government who are responsible for the investments and tourism, took place.  At the meeting the vice-minister of tourism and Olympic infrastructure and the head of Investment department expressed the interest for collaboration between Sochi’s and St.Gotthard resorts (Andermatt and Airolo).

They also demonstrated the interest for the collaboration in the field of sport’s projects.


Date: 27-28th February 2017
Place: Sochi, Russian Federation

Combined communication strategy for the promotion of the St.Gotthard area

On December 29th 2016 in Andermatt the Round table called “Combined communication strategy for the promotion of the St.Gotthard area” took place.
It was organized by the Association Alpine Arena for Friendship in collaboration with the Andermatt Swiss Alps resorts and Valbianca SA. 

The purpose of the Round table was to discuss the future development of the St.Gotthard ski resorts (example Andermatt and Airolo), its role in the creation of the unique image of the St.Gotthard region and what kind of joint communication instruments could be used to promote the region abroad.
At the Round table was also discussed the model and the future collaboration with the Russian ski resort Sochi (Krasnodar region).


Date: December 29th 2016
Place: Andermatt, Switzerland

The yearly Suvorov cadets’ manifestation has become the historic symbol for the St.Gotthard region

Every year at the end of September the group of cadets of the Moscow military school of Suvorov come to Switzerland to celebrate the traditional Suvorov days dedicated to the legendary crossing of the Alps by Russian soldiers during the military campaign against Napoleonic troops.
The most important part of this event is the official manifestation at the monument to Russian soldiers in Andermatt. The important Swiss and Russian authorities every year participate at the manifestation.
This year 2016 the Alpine Arena for Friendship in collaboration with the Russian and Swiss military and civil authorities also organized the cadets concert which was open to the public in the streets and square of Lugano as well as the exhibition of photos of St.Gotthard places taken by the Russian scientist Engelgardt.
This event is considered a very important cultural platform for expanding historic knowledge and increasing confidence between different cultures.

The representatives of St.Gotthard region participated at the Almaty Mount Fest 2016 in Kazakhstan

The Almaty Mount Fest is a huge international event dedicated to development of the mountain region. Among the aims of the Festival are also development and promotion of mass types of sports and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

The Alpine Arena for Friendship formed the delegation for the presentation of the St.Gotthard region: Petra Filippini, head of communication of the Valbianca SA and Deborah Scanzio, freestyle athlete.

At the Forum were presented the particularities of the St.Gotthard region among which the traditional Airolo resort, the new Andermatt luxury resort and the multifunctional arena in Ambri.

The presentation has generated a big interest among the Forum participants.

The Swiss-Russian parliamentary chess tournament in the Federal Palace in Bern was an informal occasion to discuss the current geopolitical situation and different forms of parliamentary diplomacy

On June14th at the Federal Palace in Bern the first parliamentary chess tournament  between Swiss and Russian parliamentarians took place. The Russian parliamentarians team was headed by the world champion, member of Russian State Duma Anatoly Karpov. On the Russian team two vice-Presidents of the State Duma Alexander Zhukov and Ivan Melnikov. also participated.
The Swiss parliamentarians’ team was headed by National Councilor Jean-Francois Steiert, co-president of the Group of friendship Switzerland-Russia. The team consisted of Christian Levrat, Andreas Gross, Hans Altherr.
In addition to the victory of the chess tournament by the Russian team headed by the world champion Anatoly Karpov, all participants were in agreement that this event was a sound “intellectual” platform for the parliamentarians discussions.


Date: June 14th  2014
Place: Bern, Federal Palace


Group of friendship Switzerland-Russia of the Swiss Federal Assembly,
Group of friendship Russia-Switzerland of the State Duma of the Russian Federation,
Embassy of Russian Federation in Switzerland

The Swiss, Russian and Ukrainian parliamentarians met on the hockey ice ring on the occasion of the friendship game between Soviet hockey legends and the veterans of HC Ambri-Piotta

On April 26th in the capital of Canton Ticino Bellinzona a very special hockey match took place. On the ice field the parliamentarians from Switzerland, Russia and Ukraine met. It was the friendship game between Soviet hockey legends and the hockey club Ambri-Piotta veterans.
The team of famous Soviet players was represented by Sergey Makarov, Pavel Bure, Valeri Kamensky, Alexei Kasatonov and other legendary players. Alexander Yakushev was head coach of the star team. The parliamentarians who participated for the side of Soviet legends were the Federation Council member, hockey star Vyacheslav Fetisov and the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Hon. Yuri Vorobiev as honorary coach.
The members of the National Council Laurent Favre and Christian Wasserfallen played in the Swiss team.
Among the spectators and fans of hockey were also the members of Verkhovnaya Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine Michail Opanashenko and Vitaly Khomutynnik. The match was also attended by members of diplomatic corps, the Ambassador of Russia Alexander Golovin and the Ambassador of Ukraine Igor Dir.
This very special game attracted many local and international spectators and hockey fans. Also the representatives of the Executive authorities of Canton Ticino demonstrated a great interest in this game. The Ministry of justice Norman Gobbi participated as a referee.
The most magical and emotional moment of the event was an improvisational concert of a trio formed by the President of Ticino Government Manuele Bertoli (piano forte),  famous Russian saxophonist, amateur of hockey Igor Butman and the wife of the Ambassador of Ukraine Galina Dir, opera singer.


Date: April 26th  2014
Place: Bellinzona


Embassy of Russian Federation in Switzerland,
Embassy of Ukraine in Switzerland,
Group of friendship Switzerland-Russia of the Swiss Federal Assembly
Group of friendship Switzerland-Ukraine of the Swiss Federal Assembly.
Hockey Club Ambri-Piotta

The House of Switzerland welcomes “ The Ice Hockey Legends ” during the Sochi Olympic games 2014

The Ice Hockey Legends was the special event initiated in collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in Russia and the Presence Switzerland on February 14 during the Sochi Olympic games. 2014 was also the year of the celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Russia and Switzerland.
The idea of the event was to emphasize the connection between Russian and Swiss traditions of hockey and the role of the Soviet hockey coach and players in the forming of Swiss national hockey. Many hockey legends who worked in Switzerland visited the House of Switzerland on that day. Among them were Alexander Yakushev, Slava Fetisov, Vladimir Yursinov, Igor Larionov, Slava Bykov and many other hockey stars. At the event the managers of the Swiss National Hockey League and Continental Hockey League were present.
At the conclusion of the event all the guests were greeted by the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, who personally visited the House of Switzerland.
The President of HC Ambri-Piotta Filippo Lombardi put the scarf around the shoulders of the Russian President marking the role of hockey as an excellent instrument of communication and understanding.


Date: February 14th  2014
Place: Sochi, Russia


Embassy of Switzerland in Russian Federation
Presence Switzerland